Birthday Speeches - Ten Top Tips on What to Say or Do

by: Niamh Crowe

1. Always welcome the guests in your speech if it is your own birthday.

2. Say how happy you are to be there, if you are a guest at the birthday party. If you are a family member say how great it is to see everyone gathered together for such a special occasion..

3. Thank whoever is responsible for organising the birthday party saying how much you are enjoying the lovely food and the marvellous atmosphere.

4. Talk about what a birthday means. Depending on which one it is, you could find a poem or a quotation that sums up how you feel. If it is a special one such as a 21st there is even more reason to celebrate so start searching for that appropriate phrase that will stand out in the birthday speech.

5. Speak of the celebrant’s attributes. Say he/she has always been a great friend, a marvellous listener or the soul of hospitality. Say what he or she means to you as a family member, friend or neighbour.

6. Add a bit of humor to the birthday speech. E.G. If everyone knows the birthday boy or girl cannot sing in tune announce that as a special treat you have organised a recording session for him/her.

7. Speak about his/her foibles like needing Times Square to park the car or his/her inability to get anywhere on time.

8. Be diplomatic in what you say. There are things people won’t want mentioned in a birthday speech. Mention of alcohol or drug habits are not a good idea. It is probably safer too to avoid mention of politics, as there will undoubtedly be different loyalties amongst the guests.

9. Talk of his/her skills or talents. It’s nice to praise the celebrant for what he/she does with those talents. So if you love dancing with him/her say so. If you enjoy playing golf because he or she is so entertaining say that too. If he/she does wonderful work for the underprivileged it’s good to say nice things.

10. Mention what the birthday boy or girl means in your life. If he is a husband or she is a friend say how they have enriched your life in so many different ways. Then add how much the guests think of him/her.

11. Your birthday speech should always end on a positive note. Be positive in your speech. Talk about the future and all the good things you wish for the celebrant in the days ahead. Above all your birthday speech should leave him/her with happy memories.

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This article was posted on July 06, 2007