5 Important Tips To Planning The Perfect Birthday Party

by Leslie Gerard
Posted: 04-10-2007

If you have undertaken the important task of planning a birthday party for someone special, then you may be asking yourself how to make this celebration a perfect one. From the decorations to the invitations and even the weather, you should keep the following in mind when planning the perfect birthday party.

Send invitations out early. Not only is this proper etiquette, but it also gives those receiving an invitation time to make their plans. For some, attendance may require absence from work, school or the cancellation of another function. By sending invitations early, you are avoiding any additional conflicts that may prevent your desired guests from attending. Inside of each invitation, politely ask that they RSVP (please reply) so that you can either add or delete their name from the final guest list. This will help you during the food planning and general space needed for the party.

Make it a surprise. One of the greatest things about birthday parties is that they are meant to be a surprise. Therefore, you can help to create the perfect party simply by keeping it secret from the guest of honor. Don't forget to ask anyone who will be attending, along with those in your household, to help keep the event quiet.

Personalize the party. A birthday celebration with friends and relatives is nothing if not personal, so make sure that the guest of honor knows that a great deal of thought went into planning the theme of his/her party. You can help to personalize the event with balloons and streamers featuring the guest of honor's name and/or age. If you're having a birthday cake, make sure to have it personalized with a special message for the birthday boy/girl.

Plan for weather. If you're having an outdoor birthday party, make sure that you pay close attention to the weather forecast in the days leading up to the gathering. If rain is in the forecast or even a distant possibility, create a backup plan with an alternate location incase you get 'rained in.'

Finalize the details. Several days before the party is to be held, it's a good idea to call the caterer, the bakery and anyone else who will be providing services in order to confirm and finalize any plans or details. It's important to know that everything is still on schedule in the days leading up to the party. If it helps, you can create a checklist to help you remember everyone that you need to call.

Now that you know how to plan the perfect birthday party, it's time to start putting the wheels into motion. After all, with a little planning and a lot of thought, the actual process will seem like a 'piece of cake.'

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